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Question of the Week for April 19: Karen’s memory of the old pump organ

Earlier this month, my brother Paul spent some time talking with our cousin Karen Snyder Smith. She asked Paul whether he remembered the old pump organ with pedals. Because Paul was not born until seven years after Jess died, he … Continue reading

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What’s in a name? Wordplay about ‘Ione,’ ‘Iona,’ and ‘Eliot’

If most my Cartwright relatives are like Cousin Michael, I suspect that you haven’t ever given the name “Ione” a lot of thought. I understand that it is a Greek name meaning “violet flower.” Presumably at some point in the … Continue reading

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The Cartwright Branch (Jess’s Siblings & Ancestry) of the Family Tree

Ancestry of Jessie Lawrence Cartwright (1903-1957) His father was Joseph Andrew Jackson Cartwright (1888-1959). born in Scott Co. Arkansas Wife: Adda (Addie) Elliott (1882-1950) . Both buried at Coops Prairie Cemetery. CHILDREN:                                                                                                                      General Lee Cartwright (      ). Wife Eva.                                                                        … Continue reading

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Question of the Week for February 1st

THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK (February 1st): What, if any, “war stories” have been passed down in (your branch) of the Cartwright family?  I ask, in part, because I am struck by the absence of stories about members of the … Continue reading

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Susan Snyder Hurley’s Memories of Millie, the Old Brown Place, and the Week Jess Died

Please Note: Michael had the opportunity to talk to Susan Snyder Hurley earlier in January 2015. Michael had asked this particular Cartwright cousin to think about her memories of Jess and Millie as well any memories she might have had … Continue reading

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Billy’s Memoir about Jess — Part Seven

The last section of the memoir describes what happened after Jess and Millie returned to Arkansas following the brief [sixteen month] stay in eastern Oklahoma. “Finally Jessie settled down on Petit Jean River in a community called Pilot View. He … Continue reading

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Billy’s Memoir about Jess — Part Five

CHAPTER THREE of Billy’s Memoir about his father focuses on Jess’s character as a minister. “. . .Jessie would expound the Word with all his might by every means possible. His sixth grade education was insufficient so he ordered himself … Continue reading

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