Question of the Week for April 26: Where do we come from?

Do you know the geographical origins of the Cartwright family’s DNA? Once upon a time, genealogical research focused primarily on lineage — the record of parentage, etc. But that is no longer the case. Thanks to the research on the human genome, it is now possible to obtain an analysis of the geographical origins of one’s DNA profile.  This is but one of the interesting innovations in genealogical research.

I have not bothered to obtain such information about myself, but my brother Paul Cartwright has volunteered to let me report the information that he obtained through (Look for a post sometime later this week!)

Using Paul’s information for the purposes of illustration, I will comment on what it is now possible to know based on the scientific analysis of an individual’s genome when looked at alongside the aggregate data of the genomes of many other people. In the meantime, I invite other members of our extended family to post their own geographical profiles if they have access to this kind of information about themselves. If not, perhaps the information that Paul has discovered will stir your curiosity.

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About mcartwright1957

I am a member of the senior administrative team at the University of Indianapolis where I have served since 1996. I am married to Mary Wilder Cartwright. We are the parents of four children: Hannah, Erin, James, and Bethany. I currently live in Nashville, IN.
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