Conversations with Cousins?

Early in January, I had the opportunity to talk with Susan Snyder Hurley, the oldest child of Aunt Dorothy. Susan shared some of her memories of Jess and Millie.  She provided what amounted to a visual tour of the old home place (aka “the old Brown place”) located off of Hwy 23. I had forgotten that Dorothy’s family was visiting at the time that Jess died so Susan has a rather vivid sense of what things were like for Millie, etc. Susan also visited Millie from time to time during the years she was a student at the College of the Ozarks (now Univ. of the Ozarks).

I was fascinated to hear Susan describe what it was like for her to encounter Clarksville, Arkansas as an eighteen-year old after growing up in Brandywine, Maryland. (It occurs to me that Susan may have been one of the first Cartwright cousins raised outside the state of Arkansas to go back to Arkansas, where she has lived for the past five decades.)  Afterward, I worked with Susan to produce a summary of our conversation. See post below. And my brother Paul has added his own set of memories.

Some of you have read the posts that I wrote based on the memoir that my father Billy Cartwright wrote about his father Jess. I am also grateful to Aunt Dorothy for adding her memories of the day that Billy and Betty were born.

In due course, I will move those posts to this page so that they can be read alongside the “conversations” I have posted of memories provided by Susan and Paul.

In the meantime, I am eager to have other members of the extended Cartwright family share their memories.  Please feel free to send them to me in whatever way you find most convenient and I will make sure they are posted here as a full set.

Susan Snyder Hurley’s Memories of Millie, the Old Brown Place, and the Week Jess Died
Paul Cartwright’s Memories of Grandma

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