The Cartwright Branch (Jess’s Siblings & Ancestry) of the Family Tree

Ancestry of Jessie Lawrence Cartwright (1903-1957)

His father was Joseph Andrew Jackson Cartwright (1888-1959). born in Scott Co. Arkansas Wife: Adda (Addie) Elliott (1882-1950) . Both buried at Coops Prairie Cemetery.

CHILDREN:                                                                                                                      General Lee Cartwright (      ). Wife Eva.                                                                        Children: Harold (Sonny), Bethel, Leslie, Jeanette (Janet), Jackie Lou, Jimmy Wayne, Herbert
A. Emerson Cartwright (        ); Wife: Ada?                                                                          Children: Kenneth and Ellen of California                                                                  Andrew Jackson Cartwright (         ). Wife: Lilly.                                                               Children: Anna Lou Wall, Joyce Sue Butler
Jessie Lawrence Cartwright (1903-1957)  Wife: Millie Evaline Starr (1912-1976).     Children: Virginia Sue,  Dorothy Myree, MC or “Coy”; Billy Lee & Betty Lou (twins), Bobby Joe                                                                                                                             Rosie Florence (1903-?) Jess’s twin who died as a child — not listed on Jess’s birth certificate, which was not issued until 1942.
Eugene H. Cartwright (Lieutenant) (       ). Wife: _________                                   Children: Cynthia J. And Steven E. Both of Columbus, GA
Troy B. Cartwright (1918-?). Wife: Bernice                                                                     Children: Linda J., Troysalene, Harold D., and Melba
Brady Daniel Cartwright (          ). Wife: __________.                                                     Children (First Set): Brady C. Cartwright; (2nd set): Patrick, Terry and Dede

Joseph’s Father: Thomas Baskin Cartwright (1858-1935)  Born in Carroll County Georgia. Died and buried at Shiloh.   Wife Nancie Drixisla Smith (1853-  ) Born in Texas.

CHILDREN:                                                                                                                     Joseph Andrew Jackson Cartwright ( d.1869)
John A.  Married _______Mills:                                                                             Children: Loyd, Cecil, Earl, and Cleo, Effie, Opal, and Icimae
George C.  who married Anne Harris
Harriet Ira  (1882-1951) who married Lewis P. Richey
Fannie P. married Walter F. Harris (lived in Mena, Arkansas)                                        Children: Dovie, Dottie and sons Billy, Monte M.
Bell (sister) who married ______ Owens

His Father was Joseph Cartwright, Jr. (1821-1859). Born 1821 in Tennessee. His father moved to Sumner Co Tenn and . died in 1859. Army in Carroll Co. Georgia. However in an 1860 census list of dead he is listed as a farmer as dying from illness. In 1843, Joseph, Jr.  married Eliza Hope Dane (1823-1907). Joseph’s brothers were Wilson and Jacob.

CHILDREN:                                                                                                                                      Alexander Sanford Cartwright (1843-1898)  who married Susan West
George R. Cartwright (1845-1922)
Mary Elizabeth Francis “Fannie” Cartwright (1846-1922)
Henry Cartwright (1846-?)
Harriet A.(1851-?)
James Henry Cartwright (1852-1904)
Mahaly J. Cartwright
Thomas Baskin Cartwright (1858-19350
Eliza J.

Joseph Cartwright, Sr. (1784-18??) Born 1784 in North Carolina. Moved to Tennessee and Married Sarah Markham Aug 21 1799   Moved later and died either in Carroll Co Georgia or (more likely) Tennessee.

Research Notes: There is a Joseph Cartwright age 71 in 1850 census Macon Tennessee with wife Jane. According to sum records, Joseph Cartwright, Sr.’s father was Samuel Cartwright (1765-?)  Joseph’s twin brother according to census 1850 for Carroll county Georgia shows J. L. (Jacob) Cartwright with Wife Eavy age 66 and Joseph Cartwright Sr. age 66 in same household.  It is conceivable that Joseph Sr Moved Back to Tennessee in 1850.  These are ALL SUPPOSITIONS.

In 1820 Census Joseph Cartwright is listed in household next to Elizabeth Cartwright.  There is a recent DAR Line that has Elizabeth’s Father as Robert Cartwright. Robert Cartwright migrated from Virginia to Cumberland area.  The Book “Cartwrights of the SE United States,” written by Connie Cartwright Kwasha lists Joseph Cartwright Sr. as moving to Kentucky from Rowan Co, North Carolina when He in fact moved to Smith County or Sumner Co Tennessee. There is a deed from 1809 where Joseph Sr. sells Land on behalf of his sons. Perhaps that is when they migrated south to Georgia for the Land Lotteries.  Joseph Sr.’s brother Wilson fought in Indian wars in Georgia in 1830’s

Please Note: There are variations in the spelling of the last name:  For example, the 1920 census spelling is “Cartright” — without the “w” but there is no consistency. For the purposes of this listing, we have chosen to list them without variation.

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