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Paul Cartwright — DNA Profile of geographical origins

Although I have heard about DNA genealogy reports before, until my brother Paul Cartwright shared the report he received after an analysis of his genome, I have not taken the time to look at one. When I did examine Paul’s … Continue reading

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Question of the Week for April 26: Where do we come from?

Do you know the geographical origins of the Cartwright family’s DNA? Once upon a time, genealogical research focused primarily on lineage — the record of parentage, etc. But that is no longer the case. Thanks to the research on the … Continue reading

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Where They Settled — The Hezekiah Starr (Stares) Family at Abbott

Carolyn Hanna also provided the following information in response to Paul Cartwright’s request: “The Hezekiah Stares parcel. . . is located in the Abbott community just a 1/2 miles or so north of the turnoff to the Lucas community.” She … Continue reading

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When and Where did our Extended Family Encounter Slavery?

The Georgia census records for 1870 indicate that Eliza Hope Dane Cartwright was living on the farm near Carrollton, GA, with her children and a “servant” named. . . .  The circumstances of Reconstruction are difficult to imagine. In my … Continue reading

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Paul Cartwright’s Memories of Grandma

As one of the younger grandchildren, Paul’s memories of Grandma Millie are somewhat different than those of older cousins like Susan Snyder Hurley. That would make sense given that Paul is eighteen years younger than Susan. All of his memories … Continue reading

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