Where They Settled — The Hezekiah Starr (Stares) Family at Abbott

Carolyn Hanna also provided the following information in response to Paul Cartwright’s request: “The Hezekiah Stares parcel. . . is located in the Abbott community just a 1/2 miles or so north of the turnoff to the Lucas community.”

She estimated it to be about twelve miles north of Waldron. “There is a lot of land here — 160 acres. It is mostly owned by the Godwin family and has been for many many years. There may be a few others who have a few acres cut out of it, but the significant part is still owned by the Godwin heirs. . . At least they have homes there.” She concluded by clarifying that the extended Godwin family is in the cattle business. So much of the land is used for cattle grazing. She added that Hwy 71 cuts through part of the property.

Hezekiah Stares location -- IMG_0029

Based on the records available in the Family Maps  volume about Scott County, I think Ms. Hanna may be mistaken. Hwy 71 actually runs further east at that point before bending west when it gets closer to the intersection of Hwy 378 just north of the turn off (west) for Freedom Church.  Elm Park is located a little further North just east of Hwy 71.

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