The Six Cartwright Siblings — born to Millie and Jess



When I think of Cartwright siblings, I have in mind the six children who were born to Jess and Millie Cartwright (see photo above). This is the only photo that I have that have of all six of them together (although I suspect that other Cartwright cousins have similar photos taken at various times over the years).

The boys are on one side (right to left; in birth order) MC, Billy, and Bob. The three girls (left to right; in birth order) Virginia, Dorothy, and Betty.

I also like the photo of Jess and Millie and the four youngest children which I have been told is from ca. 1948 (see below). MC is standing behind Millie and Jess. Billy and Betty are standing in front of Millie beside each other. Bobby is standing in front of Jess beside Billy.


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I am a member of the senior administrative team at the University of Indianapolis where I have served since 1996. I am married to Mary Wilder Cartwright. We are the parents of four children: Hannah, Erin, James, and Bethany. I currently live in Nashville, IN.
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