Jess — Michael — Millie (September 1957)

As  far as I know, there is only one photograph of my grandparents and me. I am not sure why, but several photographs were taken of me with Jess’s glasses. In this one, Grandma Millie is actually holding the glasses on my head while Jess is holding me.

Jesse and Millie and MGC w.glasses-2

The photo is from September 1957, when I was nine weeks old.  Daddy and Mama had traveled back to Arkansas from California to introduce me to Jess and Millie. Jess died later the following month (Oct. 23, 1957).

I trust there are photos of of Jess with each of my older cousins (Carol, Susan, Karen, Krista et al.) who were born before I was. Like my younger cousins I have no actual memories of Jess — just the story of him holding me while his glasses were on my face. While I don’t think this action predestined me to wear spectacles, it is the case the I have worn glasses virtually every day for the past 38 years.

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