Questions of the Week: March 1, 2015

Please Note:  Due in part to my travel schedule for the month of March and in part to the responses that I have received to previous questions, I am shifting gears for the next four weeks. After Easter, I will revert to the weekly format for the weeks that remain before the pilgrimage go Shiloh that will take place May 18-20, 2015.

QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH (March 1-31, 2015)

To what extent does Cartwright family history reflect the patterns associated with the four “Great Migrations” of American cultural history? In order to get at this question, I will be offering summaries of the migratory patterns associated with English-speaking immigrants (1629-1750).  I will also spell out in what ways the journeys of the Cartwright, Starr, and McDaniel clans have intersected with these broad streams (to the extent that I have access to such evidence). In particular, I will invite my Cartwright cousins to register whether they think the kinds of stories that have been told about our forebears make (more) sense to us in light of these strands of American cultural history.

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About mcartwright1957

I am a member of the senior administrative team at the University of Indianapolis where I have served since 1996. I am married to Mary Wilder Cartwright. We are the parents of four children: Hannah, Erin, James, and Bethany. I currently live in Nashville, IN.
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